Where to Find the Coolest Beachfront Cafés

Where to Find the Coolest Beachfront Cafés

Where to Find the Coolest Beachfront Cafés

Hey, beach lovers! If you're as much of a sunshine and waves enthusiast as I am, you're in for a treat. Surf City, North Carolina, is an absolute gem on the East Coast, and it's got some of the most rad beachfront cafés you won't want to miss. The vibes here are all about the sea, the sand, and sipping on something delicious with your toes in the sand.

I'm stoked to share with you the inside scoop on where to find the coolest beachfront cafés in Surf City. Whether you're catching waves or just hanging out with friends, these spots are perfect for any beach day.

Seashell Café

Seashell Café is my go-to spot when I want to soak up the sun and enjoy a good book. This café has an inviting, laid-back atmosphere with colorful beach umbrellas that provide the perfect amount of shade. It's the ideal place to grab a refreshing iced coffee or a smoothie, perfect for cooling down after a morning surf session.

Surfside Sips

Surfside Sips is a local favorite, and for good reason. This café has a deck filled with surfboards that sets the mood for a true surf culture experience. They serve up incredible acai bowls and smoothies, giving you that extra burst of energy to catch some epic waves.

Wave Rider Roasters

Wave Rider Roasters is where coffee meets art. This café is a chill, laid-back spot with surfboards leaning against the wall. The baristas here are true artists, crafting beautiful latte designs. It's the ideal place for those of us who can't start the day without a steaming cup of Joe.

Coastal Bites

Coastal Bites offers more than just a delicious meal; it provides a mesmerizing view of the ocean. Picture yourself sipping on a tasty iced tea while sitting in one of their colorful beach chairs with the ocean waves as your soundtrack. It's a spot where you can spend hours just taking in the beauty of Surf City.

Beachy Keen Eats

Beachy Keen Eats is the ultimate seafood paradise. If you're a fan of fresh catch-of-the-day and ocean-inspired dishes, this is the place to be. The relaxed atmosphere and surfboards on the walls give it that authentic coastal feel that you'll love.

So, there you have it! Surf City, North Carolina, has some of the most epic beachfront cafés you'll ever encounter. Each one has its own unique charm and flavor, and I'm sure you'll find your own favorite hangout spot. Whether you're riding the waves or simply catching some rays, these cafés will make your beach day even more memorable. Catch you on the sand, my beach buddies!

-Chloe Kim

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