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Frisco is a village in North Carolina’s Outer Banks area. The village has dense maritime forest on the western edge. Frisco is between two other Outer Banks villages, Hatteras and Buxton at the edge of Buxton Woods. The town previously went by the name Trent before its renaming by the Postal Service in 1898.

Frisco is a hotbed of American military and cultural history. In 1923, the Air Force (Army Air Service at that time) launched bombing operations targeting battleships off the Outer Banks from a small airstrip in Frisco. The launches are partly responsible for setting up the structures behind the modern Air Force. The Frisco Native American Museum is one attraction that you must visit when you get to Hatteras Island. The museum has various educational displays and authentic Indian artifacts. There is also an ancient Indian village near the museum, which is still under excavation.

Frisco offers an opportunity for surf fishing and other water activities. You will also find quaint cottages in between dunes and trees making it an ideal place to take your family on vacation. In addition, there are camping accommodations under the National Park Service that are a must-visit if you like camping.

Frisco also offers one of the oldest Outer Banks seafood joints. You have to try it out because the chefs in Frisco never disappoint. You can also chow on regular meals, such as pizza, BBQ, hand-cut fries, burgers, etc. For hotel options, you have to choose between three campgrounds, which are usually in high demand during the summer. These campgrounds are on wooded lots making them the ideal spot to stay in because they keep away the summer heat. Shopping is also not a problem in Frisco with the several gift shops and places where you can buy all kinds of items including recycled ones.

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Written by Marie Nichols

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